Me and my 15 bridesmaids

It’s been a year since my bachelorette party. Yet, every day, I still find myself in complete awe of how truly wonderful my friends are and how fantastic of a bachelorette party they secretly threw me. For that, I am making this video in their honor.
You see, I live in Los Angeles and nearly all of my dearest friends live all the way across the world, in Thailand. However, this great physical distance did not stop them from showing their love for me in such a magical way. . . I was so incredibly busy organizing the wedding, itself, that I didn’t even have time to think about a bachelorette party.

I frantically arrived in Thailand just a few weeks before the wedding. During that time, my amazing girlfriends invited me out for dinner. Little had I known, they had beensending group chats behind my back, planning, organizing, and producing an absolutely stunning and glamorous night out for me and renting out a section of the Laydy Brett restaurant in Bangkok.


I had always imagined bachelorette parties as just being a fun, goofy night out to make memories. Well, these ladies showed me that a bachelorette party can be so much more; they showed me just how deep love can swim and how truly loved I am — nothing could have prepared me for this overwhelming feeling.


I feel so blessed to have such an amazing team of powerful, loving women by my side! So, this video is a tribute to all of my 15 breath-taking bridesmaids, my girls, and my family. Palm, Mimi, Nat, Ying, Pear, Pum, Jaa, Wan, Tao, Pink x 2, Prewwan, Vathu, Mick, and Bua, Thank you one million times over for making my bachelorette party something that I will never, ever forget.


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