How To Glam Your Nails With Glitter Polishes


Have you ever found yourself drooling over someone’s radiant, glittering nails? Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish I knew how to do that”? If so, this video tutorial is for you! As it turns out, glamming your nails with glitter polishes is much easier than you may have ever thought!

The process is quite simple:

1. Purchase your glitter nail polish. My personal favorite brands are CHANEL, Lauren B., OPI, Nicole By OPI, Urban Outfitters, Ciaté London, and many many more.

2. Apply a nail growth serum to all of your nails as a base coat. I use Lauren B Beauty Nail Growth Serum

3. Massage the nail growth serum into all of your nails.

4. Apply a clear top coat polish to all of your nails. I personally like Chanel Le Gel Coat.

5. Apply a base color. This will be the color underneath your glitter, so it should look good with whichever glitter you are using. In this tutorial I use a deep red base with gold glitter.

6. Let your nails dry all the way.

7. Apply your glitter polish on top.


Voilà !

These dazzling nails really are that easy to have!


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