Carrera Marble Bathroom

Are you ready? Here it is. . . The Marble Bathroom Finale — A fun, complete makeover project I did at home with my family. What was once an ordinary bathroom has now been redesigned and transformed (by yours truly) into an elegant and efficient master, featuring Grecian Black & White Octagon tiles with Carrara… Continue reading Carrera Marble Bathroom

Matin d’Octobre. Château de Villandry, Loire Valley, France.

C’est l’heure exquise et matinale Que rougit un soleil soudain. À travers la brume automnale  Tombent les feuilles du jardin. Leur chute est lente. On peut les suivre Du regard en reconnaissant Le chêne à sa feuille de cuivre, L’érable à sa feuille de sang. Les dernières, les plus rouillées, Tombent des branches dépouillées :… Continue reading Matin d’Octobre. Château de Villandry, Loire Valley, France.

Il était une fois. Loire Valley, France.

J'entends le vent J'entends le ciel Et comme un cri la brise m'appelle La rivière le soleil me parle aussi Et je sais que ma place est ici Le ciel à l'infini embrasse l'univers Les clefs du paradis sont ici sur mes terres La lune sur les montagnes Le vent dans les branches Le torrent… Continue reading Il était une fois. Loire Valley, France.

The ultimate guide to magical Iceland

Originally, our plan was to spend our honeymoon in Spain. However, when our friends said that they were visiting Iceland, we couldn’t not join them — at the very top of my bucket list, has always been Iceland (especially after seeing such breathtaking photos of the Northern Lights). So, without much resistance, we packed our… Continue reading The ultimate guide to magical Iceland

How To Glam Your Nails With Glitter Polishes

Have you ever found yourself drooling over someone’s radiant, glittering nails? Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish I knew how to do that”? If so, this video tutorial is for you! As it turns out, glamming your nails with glitter polishes is much easier than you may have ever thought! The process is… Continue reading How To Glam Your Nails With Glitter Polishes

Lancome Olympia’s Wonderland

French beauty might bring to mind words like "effortless” and “natural”, but who says it can’t be whimsical, too? @lancomeofficial and Parisian designer @olympialetan are collaborating on a new makeup collection, and it is delightfully pink and oh-so-pretty! I tried it out and instantly fell in love with the shades included.