EP#2: Tres by José Andrés at SLS Hotel Beverly Hills

Hello, beauties! For this second Afternoon Tea series episode, I will be taking you to Afternoon Tea at a place called Tres by José Andrés at the SLS Hotel Beverly Hills. This was the second place I’ve checked out, and I’ve since decided that, from now on, I will give each Afternoon Tea location a… Continue reading EP#2: Tres by José Andrés at SLS Hotel Beverly Hills

The Happiest Mind x US Polo Assn

Hello, darlings! I hope you are having a splendid Labor day! It’s Monday… which means that I have a new video up on my YouTube channel! For this week, I’ve been doing a collaboration with US Polo Assn and have created a fun photoshoot of combining their fashion brand with Mind Millinery Hats! Since most… Continue reading The Happiest Mind x US Polo Assn

Me and my 15 bridesmaids

It’s been a year since my bachelorette party. Yet, every day, I still find myself in complete awe of how truly wonderful my friends are and how fantastic of a bachelorette party they secretly threw me. For that, I am making this video in their honor. You see, I live in Los Angeles and nearly… Continue reading Me and my 15 bridesmaids

Afternoon Tea Series EP#1 – The Living Room at The Peninsula Beverly Hills

Hello, darlings! Would you like a cup of tea? Yes? Fantastic! There really is nothing more fulfilling than wearing my classiest fascinator and enjoying conversation over a delicious cup of Afternoon Tea. For that, Afternoon Tea is one of my favorite traditions (and perhaps the best contribution the British have made to global cuisine). As… Continue reading Afternoon Tea Series EP#1 – The Living Room at The Peninsula Beverly Hills

How I Planned My Magical Wedding In 30 Days

Weddings are often looked upon as daunting impossibilities that can not be achieved without copious amounts of money or extensive planning, however, I am here to share with you how I made my enchanted forest wedding a reality in just 30 days! Today, July 18th, 2017, makes one year with my beloved husband. He proposed… Continue reading How I Planned My Magical Wedding In 30 Days

Macaron Secrets with Chef Jean-Marc Montjarret

It isn’t every day that you find out your next-door-neighbor is a chef from Paris! Jean-Marc “Chef” Montjarret, is well-known for his intricate attention-to-detail and delicate designs —  a master of his craft. We first met one evening at a friend’s house for dinner. For this special event, I couldn’t resist making my own macarons… Continue reading Macaron Secrets with Chef Jean-Marc Montjarret